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Aug 20, 2018

Mike and Dan talk with Eli Berant of Great Lakes Fly about fly fishing for Muskie on Lake St. Clair in Michigan.

  1. Bluegill is the gateway fish for fly fishing
  2. Basscar or Glitter Boats
  3. Learning to fly fish by chasing bluegill
  4. Learning to tie flies 
  5. Began with trout flies etc...
  6. The Adams fly
  7. Fished closer to home instead of traveling north for trout
  8. Lake St. Clair
  9. Getting a Canadian fishing license
  10. Learning to switch from tying for small fish to tying for pike and muskie
  11. Muskie fly patterns
  12. Finding new patterns
  13. Cost of flies
  14. Fashion industry drives up fly material costs
  16. Instagram @greatlakesfly
  17. What do we need to get started in fly fishing
  18. Fly fishing for carp
  19. Hook sizes
  20. Catching muskie on Lake St. Clair
  21. Time of year for catching muskie
  22. Fishing style with a boat
  23. Finding fish
  24. What gear do you need to start tying flies
  25. Using youtube
  26. Fly tying people are willing to share info
  27. Time investment in tying
  28. Jungle cock feather
  29. Where to find fly tying material
  30. The artistic side of tying
  31. History of tying
  32. Success rate?
  33. The Birthday Fish
  34. Fishing in other areas compared to Michigan
  35. Black Tip H fishing videos

Mike and Dan wrap up their weekend at Cabela's talking about lack of information from the Michigan DNR about baiting, feeding and CWD.