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Aug 27, 2018

Talking fall turkey season with Limb Walker Game Calls Tim Sias in Harts West Virginia.

  1. How WV sets their fall season limits
  2. Using turkey dogs
  3. Fall deer hunting vs turkey hunting
  4. The great canning deer meat debate
  5. What calls to use for fall turkey hunting
  6. How to hunt turkeys in the fall
  7. West Virginia Bear hunting
  8. Tim talks about getting started in hunting
  9. Hunting with squirrel dogs
  10. Training a dog
  11. Using cameras for fall turkey scouting
  12. CWD in West Virginia and how they deal with it
  13. Elk program in West Virginia
  14. West Virginia deer checks
  15. Michigan Moose Population
  16. Tim's planning a Texas spring turkey hunt