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Sep 10, 2018

Mike and Dan talk about the New Age of Hunting in Wisconsin vs what is going on in Michigan and how CWD plays into it.

  1. How archery has changed in the last four seasons of hunting in Wisconsin
  2. What changed in 2014 to proclaim this new age of hunting?
  3. How did earn a buck being changed in 2011 impact this change?
  4. How does this play out regionally?
  5. How does private vs public land play into this?
  6. Are archery hunters more engaged or invested in hunting?
  7. How the New Age of Hunting in Wisconsin has impacted buck age class kills
  8. Wisconsin kill numbers compared to Michigan numbers
  9. Are APR's the incentive to keep taking does?
  10. Disposing of CWD carcass, what does the DNR say to do? Wisconsin vs Michigan
  11. Michigan DNR Hunter CWD Survey
  12. How will processing rules change the amount of time hunters spend afield?
  13. How do processing rule changes affect the processors?
  14. What is the reason for this survey? Is it a gauge as to hunter acceptance of what they want to implement?
  15. Out of state hunting, hunters leaving state
  16. You ultimately have control over your deer management. You have the choice to pull the trigger
  17. Fawn recruitment at Mike's camp
  18. Shout out to Dan Jasa who shot at the 2018 World Archery Field Championship!