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Oct 1, 2018

Mike and Dan talk with Dan Jasa of PSE Archery about the 2019 Hunting bow lineup from PSE!

  1. 2019 Evoke 35 & 31
  2. 2019 Carbon Air Stealth 35 SE & EC
  3. 2019 Drive 3B
  4. 2019 Bow Madness Unleashed
  5. 2019 Uprising

PSE Rifle!

  1. PSE has now started a precision rifle component division
  2. Target rifle chassis built for 700 short actions
  3. Hog Saddle
  4. D rails and Swiss Locks

Donnie Vincient shooting PSE bows

  1. They story of how he got to shooting PSE
  2. Rivers Divide
  3. Who We Are

Dan talks about his experience shooting the 2018 World Archery Field Championship

  1. How he made the USA Team for the worlds
  2. Tournament was in Cortina, Italy
  3. Qualified 5th
  4. How the altitude affected the shooting
  5. How he did in the tournament
  6. How they score the targets

Mike and Dan unpack the new EZ Cut system Mike ordered last week to trim up around his treestand.

  1. They unbox the pack
  3. Large pruning shears with extending handles
  4. Small pruning shears
  5. Wow Saw