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Oct 22, 2018

Mike talks about practicing shooting his bow with the hunting clothes he is going to wear out hunting.

  1. Had issues with glove while using his new Stan's release
  2. The hoodie and jacket collar got in the way of securing a good anchor point.
  3. Tucked the collar inside of the coat and took the hoodie head cover down to get a secure anchor point and not worrying about setting the trigger off on the release.

Mike and Dan are getting in shape for hunting season

  1. The guys are hitting the gym
  2. Mike was really out of shape
  3. Mike is riding the bike
  4. Dan is hitting the treadmill
  5. Hunting for Health!

Do not eat venison order from MI Dept. of Health and Human Services

  1. Deer meat with PFOS Perflouroctane Sulfonic Acid a type of Polyflouroalkyl Substance.
  2. Near Wurtsmith Air Force Base
  3. 20 deer tested, 1 infected
  4. Do not eat venison taken from this area

First case of CWD in Michigan's Upper Peninsula found

  1. 4 year old doe tested positive for CWD
  2. Shot 4 miles from Wisconsin-Michigan boarder
  3. New 10 square mile CWD Core area formed
  4. How will this impact the local herd
  5. How will this impact hunters
  6. How will this impact taxidermists and meat processors