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Jan 7, 2019

Winter indoor archery leagues

  1. Mike and Dan are going to shoot indoor leagues for the first time
  2. Mike has shot a couple of times during the holidays to get ready for leagues
  3. Guys answer a question about scopes from a viewer

ATA preview!

  1. Guys are getting ready for the show in Louisville, KY
  2. Scent Relief Deer Lure made from your own urine
  3. Cell serviced trail cams
  4. Gut Check

Wisconsin CWD Study

  1. First year of study
  2. Says that deer have a significantly higher rate of mortality that are infected with CWD
  3. Trap animals and take samples and GPS deer
  4. 122 deer were tested for CWD
  5. 12 deer tested CWD positive
  6. 9 deer died that had CWD
  7. 4 died due to CWD directly
  8. 5 year study

Do You Eat Road Kill

  1. Oregon just passed a law allowing residents to pick up road kill
  2. Mike has picked up two road killed deer
  3. Mike tells the two stories of road kill
  4. Danny has not yet picked one up