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Jan 21, 2019

This week we talk coyote hunting with Chris Kreiner.

How Coyotes hurt farmers

  1. Predation of livestock
  2. New rules allow hunters to better control predation
  3. More effective in big fields
  4. Didn't hunt much at night until laws changed

Thermal optics

  1. Allows heat detection
  2. Quality of night vision has increased a lot

How to get started

  1. Takes time to learn how to hunt coyotes
  2. Don't set near fence rows
  3. Sit in middle of field
  4. distress sounds work great
  5. Understand coyote vocals before using them
  6. Start off with lower end equipment to get going
  7. Lights can educate coyotes


  1. Use a deer carcass
  2. An alarm that alerts hunter that something is on the bait
  3. Scouting cameras


  1. 20-25 minutes a set
  2. Try to get coyotes within 100 yards
  3. Icotec Outlaw caller
  4. No decoys at night
  5. Always carries a reed caller with him

How does weather play into coyote hunting?

Scent Control

  1. Hard to fool a coyote nose
  2. Hunt the wind

Which firearm to use

  1. Semi Auto rifles
  2. Bolt Action rifles

 Problems while hunting

  1. Neighbors call law enforcement due to night hunting
  2. Good to have local dispatcher's phone number with you
  3. Keep good communication with landowners and LE
  4. Keep a sign on vehicle that states hunters afield

Taking night time photos to remember the hunt

What happens to the pelts when the hunt is over?