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Feb 4, 2019

Scent Lok OZ 20b and Mike's shoes!!!! #ScentLok #FeetStink Danny smells Mike's shoes after a treatment with the Scent-Lok OZ!

They guys talk about Mike joining a new hunting lease in Indiana

  1. Mike headed to Indiana Saturday morning
  2. Mike went to scout a new hunting lease he was invited to join
  3. He felt he needed to make a move to be able to hunt the way he believes in
  4. Big agriculture land with a large section of woods
  5. A lot different than hunting timber
  6. About 600 acres

Scouting the property

  1. Walked the property to get the lay of the land and topography
  2. Fresh snow on the ground
  3. Saw our first deer around 3pm
  4. Saw a lot coyote sign
  5. Archery only property
  6. No turkeys
  7. Not a lot of other woods in surrounding area
  8. Used the EZ Kut slingpack to do a little trimming along the way #EZKut
  9. A ton of fresh tracks on the property
  10. Creek bottom on the property
  11. Habitat improvements
  12. Surrounding area is big tracts of land with low pressure
  13. Topography of the land
  14. Buck rubs
  15. Bedding and cover
  16. Getting into and out of stands
  17. Crops
  18. Facilities and Sleeping quarters are not available, going primitive
  19. The first deer Mike sees on the property
  20. Mike sees more deer and forgets to hit the record button on his camera on his phone
  21. After dinner the guys go back to the property and watch a bunch of deer and see a lot of tremendous bucks!