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Feb 25, 2019

Mike takes a trip to Indiana to the Deer and Turkey Expo

  1. Good to meet some people we talk with on line
  2. Spent some time in the Backwater Legacies booth
  3. Saw the guys from EZ Kut at the show
  4. How the show was set up
  5. Comparison to other shows
  6. Got a chance to see Dixie the Praying Dog again
  7. Buckhead Wildlife Marinade

Turkeys in Dan's backyard

Coyotes on the prowl

Gear Storage Bags


  1. Big Buck night
  2. Tim Andrus

Trail Cameras

  1. Going to use the CuddeLink system this year on the new property
  2. Batteries for trailcameras
  3. Use for security and inventory of deer
  4. Trailcam positioning
  5. Trail camera survey

Our update on our archery league progress

  1.  Week 8 of our archery league
  2. Mike struggling with a sore shoulder
  3. More forward pressure
  4. Danny making good progress
  5. Danny's robinhood
  6. Workouts on league night
  7. Gear changes for shooting leagues next year!