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Mar 4, 2019

The guys talk with PSE Archery's Bobby Vargas about a few bows and a crossbow

Evovle 28

  1. Great for turkey hunting
  2. 90% let off cam
  3. ECS cam system
  4. Can Customize to your liking
  5. Specific holding weights and let off
  6. Color selections

Drive SB

  1. SB short binary cam
  2. 22 to 25.5 draw length
  3. 85% let off non adjustable
  4. 29.5 axle to axle
  5. String geometry

PSE Questionnaire on website

  1. Questions to ask you want to do with the bow
  2. Narrows selections of bows down to what you need to try

What is the reason you may want a low or high holding weight or let off

Coalition Crossbow

  1. Introduced at ATA show
  2. 380 fps
  3. Lighted scope
  4. Telescoping butt stock
  5. $300
  6. Great for a family situation
  7. Expected in stores  this summer
  8. How to properly unload a crossbow

The Pete Shepley Archery Center

What is Bobby's favorite snack food on the road?

What is his favorite go to meal of wild game?

What is his favorite thing to listen to in the car while on the road?

Bobby's tip for turkey hunting with a bow

Javelina Hunting