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Apr 1, 2019

The guys took their new PSE Evolve 28's over to Spot Shooter Archery to get them set up for season.

  1. 28" ATA
  2. Good for ground blind hunting
  3. Got the D-loop and peeps installed and drawlength set
  4. Steeper string angle
  5. Talking about our video on the release of the 28"
  6. 60 pound draw weight for Mike and 55 for Dan
  7. 90% let off

Turkey Hunting

  1. Friend hunting in Tennessee
  2. Alabama starting up
  3. Tim Sias of Limb Walker Game Calls in a calling competition
  4. On the Limb live show on Friday at 8pm
  5. Nebraska flooding and turkeys
  6. Turkey Workshop at Williams Gun Sight Saturday April 6th

New Scent-Lok suit in Bottomland Camo

  1. Camo patterns on different materials
  2. Go to camo pattern
  3. Needed an early bow season suit and something I could use for turkey season
  4. Savanna Reign Scent-Lok suit in Bottomland Mossy Oak
  5. Coated with Never Wet
  6. Integrated hood and gaiter
  7. Long boot zippers on legs
  8. 6 pockets on pants

PackerMaxx Cultipacker

Gut Check Indicators

Spraying or not to spray weeds in food plots

What we learned from shooting indoor archery league this year