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Apr 15, 2019

Dan spent Saturday at the gun range with the turkey gun!

  1. Dan and his wife patterned their turkey guns
  2. Range was wet
  3. Not a lot of people at the range
  4. Using his new electronic Peltor ear protection
  5. MagnaPorted shotgun barrel
  6. Indoor range
  7. Picking out a new pistol holster

Using the PackerMaxx Cultipacker and the EZ Kut tools to clear an acre spot in the bottom land to put in a food plot

  1. Used the PackerMaxx to transport water for our chemical sprayer in the back field
  2. Cleared an area for a food plot
  3. Pulled stumps
  4. Used the PackerMaxx to smooth out the ground where we pulled the stumps
  5. Shaping the food plot
  6. Building the plot so deer feel secure
  7. Working as a group towards one goal!

Teasing our Easter Episode with Tred Barta!