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Apr 29, 2019

This week the guys talk with the company and guy who is heading up the camper build for Tred Barta's Get Off The Couch Tour!

  1. Tred is on sight watching the build
  2. Size of the trailer
  3. Special design
  4. Design of the wheelchair lift
  5. Kitchen build
  6. How is it different from a normal build
  8. 8 day build
  9. How does hitch work with someone who is paraplegic?
  10. Giving the outdoor experience opportunity to those who have physical challenges
  11. Outside hook ups
  12. Biggest change in the camper industry
  13. Background in camping
  14. Trailer is about 7500lbs
  15. Special storage
  16. Fishing rod holders
  17. Gun rack

The Kamikaze pole saw from EZ Kut

  1. Extending pole saw, 20 foot extension
  2. Mike cuts Danny's hand
  3. Two extendable extensions
  4. Lifetime warranty
  5. Pruners and Loppers

Talking about the idea of a doe only season in Buffalo County Wisconsin.

  1. Danny gives his thoughts
  2. Private land owners leasing their land
  3. Outfitters that have already booked hunts
  4. Local economy
  5. Shooting the right doe
  6. Michigan Thumb Area APR survey