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May 6, 2019

The boys head to Indiana to spend a day with Tred Barta

  1. The boys head to Elkhart Indiana to visit Tred Barta
  2. Stop in at HL Interprise to watch them put the finishing touches on Tred Barta's travel trailer
  3. The boys take Tred to lucnch
  4. They get to watch the trailer get finished
  5. The guys help him put a few things away

Mike spends the weekend up north at deer camp and gets to enjoy a little bass fishing

  1. Spring has sprung in the north country in Michigan
  2. Wildlife is active
  3. Sees a couple of red fox
  4. Spends an evening on the water doing some bass fishing with a friend
  5. Mike looses in the fishing contest but wins the biggest fish contest!

Would you hunt a sandhill crane?

  1. Local paper asks if you would hunt sandhill cranes
  2. People speak out about the taking of such a great bird
  3. Danny want's to rattle the cage!
  4. Wanton Waste

Taking down treestands to move them to Indiana

Talking bow strings

Talking treestands