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May 12, 2019

The kickoff of the Tred Barta Get Off The Couch Expedition!

His first three days on the road

  1. Tred has made it to Lewiston Montana in three days!
  2. Pushing and testing his limits
  3. Hates Chicago!!!
  4. Harbor View travel trailer
  5. Truck takes a long time to get to speed
  6. 5 miles per gallon gas mileage
  7. 13 hours a day driving
  8. Taking a few days to recoup
  9. Western towns
  10. Things got a little shuffled while traveling
  11. Crazy encounter with a woman at a gas station
  12. Gas situation is critical
  13. Anyone can get out and travel
  14. The sights and sounds of his travel so far

The tremendous loss of a close friend and how it relates to life

  1. He lost a dear friend today
  2. How life and the world around us work to the realization of God
  3. Help others

What's in store for Tred

  1. Mileage update, almost 2300 miles so far
  2. Crossing into Canada
  3. Shipping pistols to Alaska due to Canada's gun laws
  4. Dealing with fuel situation that is looming ahead for Tred
  5. Managing Risk
  6. Bathroom risks for Tred
  7. Other RV'rs not so friendly
  8. What happens when you get to Alaska
  9. Want's to be around people and enjoy seeing things he's never seen
  10. Is Hunting and Fishing really about Hunting and Fishing?
  11. The slideout mistake....