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Jun 10, 2019

Mike and Danny attended the Total Archery Challenge in Michigan this past week.

  1. Extreme archery targets on Boyne Mountain
  2. Set up on the ski slopes
  3. Extreme angles
  4. Need to be in shape to climb the hills and angles without getting winded
  5. Long distances
  6. Practice range was set up at a 10 degree incline
  7. 100 Yard warm ups
  8. Wind and elevation and how the two play together to affect your shot.
  9. Nock times and the ski chair lift to the top
  10. 500 feet elevation change
  11. Shooting the targets
  12. Targets were set up for difficulty
  13. Bucket of busted arrows!
  14. Working with Rambo Bikes
  15. Taking people for rides on the bikes
  16. Danny spent the day on the bike!
  17. The Rambo Smile

Local Bass Tournament with Ken Scicluna

  1. Started out the week on a bad note
  2. Thursday got the win
  3. Saturday won Biggest Bass
  4. Transitioning from a bad Tuesday to a great Thursday
  5. Pontiac Lake
  6. Fishing a public lake and dealing with other boaters
  7. Fishing docks and dealing with land owners
  8. The winning lure combination

How attitude plays into success in the outdoors

  1. Keep stress low
  2. The mental game is so important in outdoor success
  3. Keeping things in perspective
  4. The weather can change your attitude
  5. How kids can keep your attitude in check
  6. Staying true to what you know and keep it simple
  7. Don't over think things