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Jun 17, 2019

This week the guys talk about their fathers and how they set them up for success in the outdoors!

Ken Talks about his bass tournament on Thursday night

  1. Mike and Dan show up at the weigh in
  2. Ken and his buddy take 3rd place on a lake that is typically hard to fish
  3. New electronics on the boat didn't work
  4. Ken caught two fish to limit out with 30 minutes to go!
  5. Flying blind sometimes puts you in places you wouldn't normally be in which can lead to success
  6. NBAA tournament
  7. Is Danny selling secrets?

Ken's fishing trip on Father's Day with his dad.

  1. Went to mid Michigan to do some fishing
  2. Caught a ton of fish
  3. Talks about the lack of vegetation
  4. His dad comes in and gives Ken the business
  5. Ken's fond memories of fishing with his dad as a youngster
  6. Ken talks about helping the next generation get into fishing
  7. Fondest memory fishing with his dad from the guys

Mike and Dan talk about the hunting side of things and how their dads impacted their lives.

  1. Danny going pheasant hunting with his dad as a kid
  2. Hunting in the U.P. with his dad
  3. What did Dan's dad think about him working in the outdoor industry
  4. Mike talks about hunting with his dad
  5. Mike's only deer taken with his dad in the blind with him
  6. Mike's dad understands what direction Mike has helped take the camp

Mike's groundhog problem

Trail cam surprise photos