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Jun 24, 2019

Mike and Dan talk about how the wet weather is affecting outdoor activities and the upcoming seasons.

  1. Another week of rain
  2. Trimming unwanted growth with EZ Kut
  3. Black Walnuts used for trapping
  4. Wet ground at our Indiana hunting lease
  5. How will lack of agriculture sources this fall affect the fall migration of waterfowl?
  6. Could mean beef prices rise which will cause us to put more deer in the freezer

The guys are getting their target bows tuned up

  1. Mike is getting new arrows for his outdoor set up
  2. Danny is undecided on what arrows he's going to use this season
  3. Mike shot about 75 arrows this weekend through the Shootdown
  4. Getting use to the weight
  5. Shooting with a magnifier
  6. Sight placement
  7. Shooting form and finger placement on the release

Black Bear euthanized due to human involvement.

  1. Oregon black bear was fed by people so they could take a selfie with the bear
  2. Game officials killed the bear due to human interaction
  3. Said it could not be rehabilitated
  4. Mike and Dan take exception with their killing the bear

Mike's Michigan camp looking at not planting food plots this year

 Getting fit for hunting season

  1. Time to start thinking about getting fit for hunting season
  2. Possible UNJ Workout group
  3. Holding each other accountable