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Jul 1, 2019

Mike and Dan talk with Chris Schnur of Beyond The Ears about arrow tuning and custom tuned arrows.

  1. Mike had Chris set up a new dozen for his new PSE Shootdown
  2. Forgiveness in an arrow
  3. Arrow stiffness affects
  4. Front weight and how it affects the arrow
  5. Speed vs Kinetic Energy
  6. The bow vs the arrow, which part should you put the most thought into?
  7. Putting more thought process into the arrow choice
  8. Aluminum shafts Easton Gamegetter XX75
  9. Carbon shafts
  10. Stainless steel cores
  11. Parallel shafts
  12. Tapered shafts
  13. What is spine?
  14. How an arrow is manufactured affects spine deviance
  15. How broadhead air foil affects fletchings
  16. Trend now is going back to 3 or 4 inch vanes
  17. Blazer vanes developed for whisker biscuits
  18. Helical vs offset vanes
  19. Arrow components are often overlooked
  20. New technology
  21. Grouping 20 yards in a 8 inch pie plate
  22. Why custom vs boxed arrows
  23. Crossbow bolts

Western Hunting Clinics

  1. How they got started at the shop
  2. What type of gear are they offering
  3. Workshops that teach them the gear they should consider
  4. Helps to prepare them for the extreme conditions they will endure
  5. Western hunts vs Mid-west hunts
  6. The elk calling academy

Mike drew a Michigan Elk Tag!

The Hunt, Hike, Train Podcast