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Jul 8, 2019

Talking about the new PSE 2020 Supra Focus XL target bow.

  1. Stars and stripes color
  2. 40 inches axle to axle
  3. Color fusion process
  4. Micro cam version and small cam version
  5. 7 5/8" brace height and 8" brace height
  6. 65%-90% let offs
  7. Order at your local dealers
  8. Dan loves the way it shoots
  9. Deflexed riser explanation
  10. Longer axle to axle, why it's better in the target world
  11. Axle to axle vs draw length
  12. Good Vibrations paint scheme

Evoke 31 and 35

  1. Newer version of the Evolve
  2. Longer riser, shorter limbs
  3. Evoke lite
  4. Used for both hunting and target

PSE Summer Sales Event

Win a whitetail bow hunt courtesy of PSE Archery

PSE Rifle Chasis

  1. PRS shooting series
  2. Dan is shooting 1000 yards with the chasis
  3. How does it compare to the archery world
  4. Reading winds and thermals

Why should we shoot target archery to become better in the hunting woods

  1. Target archery and how it helps you break down your shots
  2. 3D with a single shot and target archery with four shots
  3. Backing up your results
  4. How it helps make you more effective when hunting
  5. How putting a score on paper builds a little pressure on you

Bucket list hunts

  1. Dan Jasa is a Yukon Moose
  2. New Zealand Red Stag
  3. Extreme hunts
  4. Dan's western hog hunt
  5. Come face to face with a mountain lion
  6. Mike is a western hunt with his dad and extreme type hunts
  7. Danny's is a Canadian Moose hunt

Mike's elk hunt has brought him full circle in his hunting

The guys talk about why they hunt