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Aug 5, 2019

The boys catch up with Ken Scicluna live on the water bass fishing

  1. Ken is live on Orr Lake in Livingston County Michigan
  2. Bass fishing on a Sunday evening
  3. Using dropshot
  4. Last week's tournament with Ken
  5. Boat launch gets jambed up due to the lot attendant
  6. Weigh in had to take place at another spot on the lake
  7. Recap of the last month of tournament fishing
  8. Looking at the end of the tournament season for Ken
  9. Talking about the morning and evening bite

The guys talk with Ken about Treestand Safety

  1. Ken uses a tree saddle
  2. Story about a guy falling out of a tree while checking a stand
  3. Talking lifelines and lineman's belts

Danny talking about a new riser made for his stands in the Upper Peninsula

  1. How it's built
  2. How he transports it
  3. How he puts it in the air
  4. Placement

Guys talk about the new feeding and baiting ban

  1. Should stores be able to sell bait or feed that is illegal to use?
  2. Is it solely the hunter's responsibility to refrain from using bait

Mike has another confrontation with groundhogs

Getting the hunting bows ready for the upcoming season

  1. Shooting long distance
  2. Working those sights in
  3. Hunting tune up archery league