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Aug 19, 2019

The guys made it to the 13th annual Bowfest at Spot Shooter Archery

  1. Buck Baits at Spot Shooter
  2. Rebel Six at Spot Shooter
  3. Veterans at Bowfest
  4. Woods and Water event coming up in September

Passing of Tred Barta

  1. The accident
  2. What we plan to do for a tribute
  3. The reality of mortality and how we never know when our last hunt is.
  4. Relating it to hunting safety

Building and working for the hunting season

  1. Danny building steps for his stand
  2. Making mock scrapes
  3. Kill plots
  4. Mike's Michigan camp working on a news property management plan
  5. How to introduce someone to treestand hunting

 The deer tag system in Indiana