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Nov 4, 2019

The guys kick Mike out of the studio tonight to talk fishing with CSF's Chris Horton.

Chris Hortons background in fishing

  1. Studied at Arizona State University
  2. 2 year fish study in Arizona
  3. Working with Arizona DNR
  4. Working with B.A.S.S.
  5. Working wth Congressional Sportsmen Foundation

Issues in fishing that he is working with

  1. The gulf coast salt waters
  2. How they estimate fish on the federal side vs. state waters
  3. The Red Snapper issues in the gulf
  4. Working with how to find fish populations

The political and money side of CSF

  1. How funds are raised
  2. Working with bigger donors such as Cabelas and Bass Pro
  3. The politics of fishing
  4. How to educate legislators and anglers
  5. Dingell Johnson Act
  6. Other acts that help anglers
  7. Fish habitat restoration
  8. The Sportsmen's Voice
  9. Tracking the Capitols

Asian Carp issue

  1. Problem is huge in the Tennessee and Ohio River basins
  2. Southern states are working to stop the Asian Carp
  3. Kentucky Lake
  4. Asian Carp talk has died down
  5. New projects to stop the carp
  6. Is there any good from the Asian Carp?

Vegetation Control by aquatic herbacides on sport lakes 

  1. Controlled on a local level
  2. What the local anglers can do

Personal questions for Chris about his outdoor experiences.