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Nov 11, 2019

Mike talks to Danny via phone this week about what the deer report is from Michigan's Upper Peninsula

  1. Ice is forming on local U.P. lakes
  2. Cold weather and snow in the U.P.
  3. Work being done in Dan's camp to get ready for the week of hunting
  4. Deer patterns are changing at his camp
  5. Getting some bow hunting in before rifle season starts
  6. Bucks are doing some sparing and chasing
  7. Deer movement patterns for morning vs evening
  8. No pattern to the deer Danny is hunting
  9. To archery hunt or not on the evening of the 14th

Weather leading into the Michigan Firearm Deer Season

Mike's week long Indiana archery hunt

  1. Cold weather set in late in the week
  2. Mike's overall game plan going into the hunt
  3. Mike misses a doe and a big buck the same morning
  4. Miss judging distances
  5. Working through shooting problems
  6. Talking about making mistakes
  7. Mentoring a young hunter who took a nice doe
  8. Mike's doe story and the creek that was involved with recovering her
  9. Mike went swimming
  10. Deer heart snack
  11. Butchering our deer
  12. Had to debone to bring back into Michigan
  13. Used EZ Kut tools to help break down the carcass
  14. Vacuum Sealer
  15. Used the OZ by Scent-Lok to eliminate the dead deer smell from the garage
  16. Indiana sunsets
  17. Cuckoburrs and devil seed!
  18. Planning already for next year