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Nov 25, 2019

Interview tonight with law enforcement officer Rory Williams from the state of Washington about a DYI Wyoming antelope hunt.

  1. Started planning hunt about 6 - 9 months out
  2. Doe tags are $42 for out of state hunters
  3. Went on the cheap
  4. Public and private land is checkerboarded
  5. Hard to find access to public land
  6. Did a lot of research on Antelope areas and the area's success rate
  7. Went out there blind
  8. Couldn't access the land they wanted to hunt due to the landowner owned the road
  9. Have to work a deal out with the land owner
  10. Had to deal with the weather and the tent wasn't much help
  11. Firearms used
  12. Field processing the game
  13. Hunt was in early October
  14. Prickly Pear Cactus
  15. Taking care of the landowner to get access the following years
  16. Spotting and stalking
  17. 2nd year of hunting Wyoming
  18. Difference between bucks and does
  19. Ivory tips on the pronghorn
  20. 3rd year of hunting
  21. Weather doesn't affect their movement
  22. Calibers and distance of shots
  23. Rifle preparations
  24. Where you can get most of the DYI information
  25. Looking for something different next year
  26. Want's to take his kids to hunt Antelope
  27. Advice for newbies

Getting his family involved in the outdoors

  1. His dad had him out as a baby
  2. Started his kids early
  3. Camping out under the stars
  4. Spending time out on the water
  5. Teaching them to shoot firearms at a young age
  6. Taking game

The sibling rivalry between Rory and his sister Ellary


Rory's group Off Duty Outdoors for first responders

  1. Provides outdoor equipment to first responders from giveaways
  2. A way to give back to first responders
  3. Palouse Prairie Co. , Stone GlacierVortex Optics
  4.  Methow Adventurer on Instagram
  5. Off Duty Outdoors on Facebook