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Dec 23, 2019

The guys go over the elk hunt Mike went on in Michigan last week.

Friday's mandatory elk hunt orientation

  1. Friday's meeting
  2. Hunter package
  3. 30 bull tags for the December hunt 70 cow tags
  4. Clif Bars
  5. Cabin at Toasty's (231) 525-8101 Wolverine, MI Exit 301 off I-75

Day 1 Hunt

  1. Private land cameras weren't showing elk
  2. Hunted on public land the whole week
  3. Pigeon River Area
  4. Two track traveling in deep into hunting area
  5. Pop up blind hunt first two days
  6. Setting on transition areas between swamps and fields
  7. Spot and stalk on fresh tracks

Day 2 Hnt

  1. Got suckered by another guide
  2. Had to set up on the edge of a swamp
  3. No elk seen

Day 3 Hunt

  1. Got to a different area in the morning and heard antlers slamming
  2. Watched two bulls fighting
  3. Saw a third gigantic bull
  4. Evening sat up on a snow mound with the snow coming down and froze

Day 4 Hunt

  1. Piggy backed with another guide and hunter
  2. Forgot my hunting license
  3. Got to watch him take a 6x6 bull at 409 yards
  4. Evening hunted back in the area we hunted the first three days
  5. Talking with my guide

Day 5 Hunt

  1. No Hunting
  2. -9 windchill and snow storm
  3. Walked 32 miles on the whole hunt
  4. Lost 10 pounds
  5. Workout paid off big time!
  6. Dressing correctly
  7. When to layer up

Day 6 Hunt

  1. 2.6 mile walk in to hunt
  2. 6 to 9 inches of snow to walk in
  3. Working out is a must
  4. Had to set up short of our destination
  5. After morning hunt drove to backside of where we set up to see if we could find tracks
  6. Evening we set up back in the area where I shot my first buck

Day 7 Hunt

  1. Set up for the morning hunt back in same area as previous day
  2. Hunt Stand App
  3. Missed our set up mark by 200 yards
  4. Elk skirted us in a low spot we couldn't see

Mike's take aways from the hunt