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Jan 6, 2020

The guys get permission to show a couple new products from Buck Baits before they are released at the ATA show.

  1. New hunting cover scent in Cedar
  2. New Match Maker Series mineral feed for whitetail deer
  3. 12 pack of Tracker Stakes
  4. All three of these products will be debuted at this week's ATA show in Indianapolis, IN

The boys will be broadcasting from the ATA show this next week

  1. Will be in the PSE Archery booth most of the time
  2. What the boys are looking forward to seeing at the show this year
  3. New Browning Trail Cameras
  4. Sig Sauer BDX scope and rangefinder system
  5. New PSE bows
  6. Badlands Film Festival

Our final tribute to Tred Barta with video we shot when we met him at the camper factory in Indiana this past year before he left for his Get Off The Couch tour to Alaska.