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Jan 20, 2020

Tonight the guys start the show off by talking about collectible outdoor items.

  1. Northern Michigan Glasses
  2. Michigan Successful Hunter Patches
  3. Started in 1972 in Michigan
  4. DNR gave them out at check stations for a successful deer taken

Being Checked by the DNR

EZ Kut gives away 2 Lil' G Loppers on the show today!

Local Ice Conditions

  1. 1 vehicle and 3 snowmobiles through the ice at Houghton Lake
  2. Local lakes have thin ice

ATA odds and ends

  1. 8500 people attended, attendance is down
  2. Media not allowed on the first day
  3. Tree Saddle
  4. How to get kids and people back into the outdoors
  5. Reasons for working in the industry
  6. Archery shops closing

Getting Kids in the outdoors

  1. Reasons for getting in the outdoors other than the kill
  2. Sense of Adventure
  3. Getting our kids out by preseason scouting or food plotting

Indoor Winter Archery Leagues

  1. Last year compared to this year
  2. Bad nights of shooting
  3. Shooting with glasses
  4. Exercises for shooting