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Feb 16, 2020

Mike and Danny talk with the owner of Limb Walker Game Calls Tim Sias.

Turkey spring activity is picking up

Florida has the first turkey season starting March 7th with Maine being the last

Using a 410 shotgun for hunting turkey

  1. Check state game laws first
  2. Lighter weight to carry in the woods
  3. Good for kids
  4. Use with a turkey choke tube
  5. Specialty ammo for 410 turkey loads

Federal TSS Ammo

Jakes benefit dinner

  1. Kids 17 and under
  2. Educates kids about hunting and the outdoors
  3. Benefit money goes for buying the catfish for the summer fun day


  1. Set up a game camera
  2. Know where the birds are traveling
  3. Look for tracks
  4. Nesting areas
  5. What kicks off breading season


Friction Pot Calls

  1. Good beginner call with a slate surface
  2. How to use a call

Box Calls

Mouth Calls

  1. How to take care of a mouth call
  2. How long do they last

Wingbone Calls

Cooking a bird

  1. Tim breasts out the bird
  2. Legs are tough
  3. Bread it and deep fry it
  4. Not a lot of fat on a wild bird

Tim wants to hunt Texas for turkeys

Calling Competitions