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Feb 24, 2020

Mike and Dan took a road trip down for the Indiana Deer, Turkey and Waterfowl Expo

  1. Dan's first time to this show
  2. He loved the layout
  3. Indiana big buck wall of fame
  4. Checking out boats and campers
  5. Kid giveaways
  6. Dries Viser Safaris
  7. Shooting the new Nock On Nation PSE EVO
  8. The youth at the show

Need more youth involvement on wildlife staffs

  1. Some sort of pro staff affiliation with groups and companies for the outdoors
  2. Help generate interest in the outdoors
  3. Encouraging habitat and wildlife management
  4. We need a junior program to encourage more youth involvement in the outdoors to keep our hunting numbers growing
  5. Challenge to listeners to get kids involved

Mike took Dan around the area he is hunting in Indiana

  1. Dan's first impression was the land was wide open
  2. Heavy ag land
  3. No big stands of timber
  4. Creek bottoms
  5. Fairly dry right now

Talking about the Michigan DNR Deer Hunting survey mailed out each year

  1. Extended Archery Season
  2. Michigan's Late Season Urban Hunts
  3. Is knowing the CWD status important to you
  4. Five sub questions dealing with hunting in CWD areas
  5. If meat processors were forced to quit butchering deer would you quit hunting

Michigan meat processor shut down after not returning meat to hunters