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Mar 2, 2020

We talk with HuntFishTravel's Carrie Zylka about her experiences sturgeon spearing Lake Winnebago in Wisconsin.

  1. Ice conditions haven't been good this season in Wisconsin
  2. How Carrie began sturgeon spearing
  3. A culture all within it's own
  4. Heated ice houses
  5. Styles of ice houses
  6. Lake Winnebago and what to expect
  7. Fishing limits
  8. The Upper River Lakes of Lake Winnebago
  9. The Upper River Lakes tags are coveted tags
  10. How the season runs in Wisconsin
  11. Times for spearing
  12. License fees
  13. The festival atmosphere
  14. The Frozen Chosen movie
  15. Sitting waiting on the fish
  16. The hole, the decoy and the spear
  17. How they size the fish
  18. Using a coffee cup
  19. The things people put in the water for a visual reference
  20. Decoy carving
  21. Trying to pattern them
  22. The secret spots
  23. Following the guys who know where the fish are
  24. Left over holes in the ice
  25. Hole size 48 sq ft
  26. Talking about the spears used
  27. What happens when you spear one
  28. The size of sturgeon
  29. What the DNR check for when registering your catch
  30. Equipment used to cut the holes and push the ice
  31. Holes cut day before season
  32. How to prepare sturgeon for the table
  33. Where people come from to spear on Lake Winnebago
  34. What people from the south think about the life on the ice
  35. Bonfires on the ice
  36. Renting the ice houses

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