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Mar 9, 2020

The guys talk with South African outfitter Matwetwe Outfitters about what to consider when hunting in South Africa. They also talk with Dave Wilkins of Droptine Outdoor Adventures about some other hunting opportunities in other countries.

Matwetwe Outfitters

  1. Trips to South Africa to hunt are at record levels
  2. Hendrik spends 5 weeks in Michigan doing shows to book hunts
  3. His connection to Michigan
  4. What does Matwetwe mean?
  5. What is the first step at going to South Africa to hunt?
  6. The Basic package hunt
  7. The value for the U.S. Dollar for the hunt
  8. 2.5 hours north of Johanesburg
  9. Family atmosphere
  10. Trips are all inclusive
  11. Hunting season around Mid March to Mid October
  12. Only one group at camp at a time
  13. Getting weapons shipped
  14. Fishing is available
  15. Victoria Falls Photo Safaris
  16. The Harold King Award
  17. Advice for finding cheap airfares
  18. Equipment used to hunt
  19. Caliber and type of ammo used
  20. Archery setups
  21. Cost of shipping animals home
  22. Length of time to get animals back to the states
  23. What animals are not allowed to be shipped to the states
  24. Conservation efforts and hunting in South Africa
  25. How rare animals are chosen for the hunt and how it impacts the conservation efforts
  26. How the animals that are hunted are used after the hunt
  27. Jobs created through hunting

Droptine Outdoor Adventures

  1. Has trips to almost anywhere you can imagine
  2. Must plan in advance for lottery draw animals outwest
  3. Deposits for trips

What are some of the biggest mistakes people make when going abroad

No semiautomatic rifles in South Africa

Favorite meal to serve a hunter in South Africa

What is an acquired taste?

Don't need any vaccinations where Hendrik is at

Is Coronavirus affecting trips abroad?