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Mar 15, 2020

The guys talk with Slade Johnston of Trips 4 Trade that helps outdoorsmen to connect with one another and trade outdoor trips with each other.

  1. Slade's outdoor background
  2. How Trips 4 Trade came about
  3. Sharing hunting opportunities with other outdoorsmen
  4. How does Trips 4 Trade
  5. $125 membership per year
  6. Unlimited trades
  7. They help you create your listing
  8. 800 - 1000 members
  9. 20% promo code UpNorth20 to save 20% on your membership
  10. Some of the hunts offered
  11. Features for the future
  12. A trade success story
  13. Not just hunts for trade

Alabama and Mississippi Turkey Seasons

  1. Mississippi just opened up this week
  2. Alabama youth season this weekend
  3. Birds reacting a little slow so far
  4. Wet early season
  5. Turkey hunting contests
  6. 2 man teams

How is the Corona Virus affecting the outdoors?

  1. Outdoor shows being canceled
  2. Indoor Archery League stopped
  3. Tick season is going to be bad due to warm winter
  4. Taking precautions to stay healthy
  5. Trade show crud
  6. What is being shut down in Alabama?

Getting to know Slade on the personal side with our 4 questions we ask everyone.