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Apr 6, 2020

Talking with Lincoln Rohn of Packer Maxx about spring food plots and purchasing hunting land tonight.

Spring Food Plots and Packer Maxx

  1. Talking a little bit about the Covid Crisis
  2. People we know who are health care workers
  3. #HuntThroughIt
  4. #ArcheryIsImmune
  5. Packer Maxx products
  6. Still shipping products
  7. Getting out in the woods is good mental relief right now
  8. Frost seeding
  9. The planting process
  10. Prescribed fire before planting
  11. Why you should use a Packer Maxx
  12. The 3 models of Packer Maxx
  13. New add on feature for the Packer Maxx
  14. Neighborhood Covid Howl
  15. Multiple uses of the Packer Maxx

Purchasing hunting properties with Lincoln 

  1. Lincoln now has his real estate license
  2. Working with Stoney Creek selling hunting and recreation properties
  3. What other hunting property owners are doing with habitat
  4. Habitat increasing the value of your land
  5. After Covid crisis is over will people be looking for more remote land to purchase
  6. How the crisis is affecting the sale of land
  7. Most over looked thing when looking at hunting property
  8. Leasing the tillable land
  9. Generating money off of the land

What is going on with Let'em Go Let'em Grow?

CWD testing and Humic Acid