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Apr 13, 2020

Mike and Dan talk about what is going on in Michigan with tall the current Covid travel bans in place.

  1. Cutting grass and trying to get gas when we can due to travel restrictions
  2. No motorized water vehicles allowed to be used on Michigan waters
  3. No gardening or outdoor items to be sold in Michigan
  4. Michiganders Against Excessive Quarantine
  5. Small business is getting crushed
  6. Overreach
  7. Supporting local business
  8. Lansing protest
  9. Boat ramps being blocked by DNR
  10. How does travel bans affect turkey sesaon
  11. How will opening the economy affect the upcoming seasons
  12. Gun stores shut down
  13. Issues with traveling north
  14. People turning others in 
  15. Other states facing similar issues
  16. Get outside to clear your mind

Looking ahead to the 2020 deer season

  1. Food plot implements for side by sides
  2. Michigan Habitat and Deer Gear
  3. How is Michigan Trout Season going to play out
  4. Archery sight and pin set ups
  5. Effective range 
  6. Practicing long distance shooting
  7. Coyote gestation time
  8. Coyote den useage