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Apr 20, 2020

The guys are in the cabin talking with Ed Gramza of BaseMap. He is the Director of Business Developement. They run down the outdoor App and talk about all the uses and features of this powerful App!

  1. Check in with Ed on how Covid is treating Wisconsin
  2. Multiple mapping layers 
  3. 14 different base maps
  4. Detail is incredible on the zoom in 
  5. Hunt zone boundries
  6. Law enforcement is now using this type of information to enforce game laws
  7. Using it to find your way out of wildnerness
  8. PC internet version
  9. Prescouting on the PC
  10. Few dead spots
  11. Transfer from PC to your phone app
  12. Downloading maps for offline use in App

Fishing uses

  1. Shows contour lines
  2. Access points and Put in points 
  3. Looking to add more fishing data
  4. Stream data

Weather Data

  1. Basic weather data
  2. More information coming on the weather data
  3. Interfaces with waypoints

$29.99 a year for all 50 states. Includes quarterly updates

Info that is available on the landowner layer

Safety features to help you in a time of need

Gear Drop

  1. How Gear Drop works
  2. Hidden location
  3. Free to play
  4. How Gear Drop came about
  5. Helps you become more interactive with the tools of BaseMap
  6. Some of the prizes
  7. How you win and prizes
  8. The hints

The App only covers the United States but you can use basic satellite imagery in other countries

Mark you truck or camp so you don't get lost! 

Differences that sets BaseMap apart from the competition

Featurs coming for this hunting season

How to use for food plots

How to use for timbering your property

Other uses

The Outdoor Journal section of the App

Sharing with other users

Accuracy of the App

The personal hunting side of Ed Gramza