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Apr 27, 2020

Talking all things good with seasonings and Rebel Six Rubs.

  1. What to use on your turkey after you shoot one
  2. Danny's dish for the show
  3. Use rubs for veggies also
  4. Mike's dish for the show
  5. Coastal Fish Rub for Blackening Seasoning
  6. Great Lakes rub good on any lake fish
  7. Use a variety of rubs on one meal. Something different on each entree
  8. Talking spicy rubs
  9. How to apply rubs
  10. Boiling in vacuum sealed bag
  11. Cooking on cedar planks
  12. Breakfast egg sandwich
  13. Eating healthier
  14. Two Belly Chili recipe
  15. Mild Bird Rub tastes like Christmas
  16. Hot and sweet go together
  17. New rub possibly by the end of the summer
  18. Strangest food they've used to put Rebel Six Rubs on
  19. Foods tried but didn't work out with the rubs