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May 4, 2020

Talking with Bill Lowen of the Bassmasters Elite Series

How he is dealing with the current Covid crisis

  1. Tournament fishing season is on hold until at least next month
  2. Doing a little turkey hunting with the family

How he got into tournament fishing

  1. His dad was a tournament fisherman
  2. His dad introduced him to the outdoors
  3. He took over as he got older and as his dad finished up his tournament fishing
  4. Always had a dream of fishing the Bassmasters Classic
  5. Staying humble
  6. Being on the circuit is the hardest job he's ever had
  7. Loves the challenge of fishing the Ohio River
  8. What it was like fishing the 50th Anniversary of the Bassmaster's Classic

Talking Yamaha Marine

  1. Uses Yamaha on tournament boat and waterfowl boat as well
  2. Has used Yamaha for years 
  3. He has never had a motor failure in 18 years using Yamaha
  4. Reliability
  5. How do you choose a motor size for your boat
  6. Ease of maintenance
  7. Winterizing your boat

Mossy Oak Fishing Team

  1. Mossy Oak Elements
  2. Drake waterfowl
  3. Sun protective clothing
  4. Passing the tradition of the outdoors down to others

Yamaha Marine motors

Power Pay program from yamaha

What do you look at first before hitting the water

Fitting your style of fishing instead of fitting the style of the lake 

  1. Puts you in your comfort zone
  2. You know what to do for your style of fishing

Electronics on the boat

  1. What would happen if you went back to old school
  2. How electronics help you on the water now

What colors and lures are working now

Go to bait for a new fisherman

His instructional fishing school

What is allowed for pre-fishing before a tournament

Waterfowl hunting vs fishing

  1. Gives him time to reboot after fishing season
  2. Prefers water fowling on the water vs field hunting
  3. Diver hunting on the Great Lakes
  4. Weather on the big water

A few questions on the personal side

  1. Nickname
  2. Favorite quote
  3. Favorite snack
  4. Biggest fish caught
  5. Favorite fish recipe
  6. What's on your radio
  7. An outdoor memory that stands out