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Jun 1, 2020

The guys talk with Yamaha Pro Fisherman Robert Blosser about catching those big walleyes!

How Robert Got his start in the tournament circuit

  1. Started as a youngster in an outdoor family
  2. Grew the passion for walleye in teen years
  3. Gave advice to pro fisherman
  4. Started in the local tournaments
  5. 2007 fishing nationals
  6. 2008 2nd in national championship
  7. Rose up the ladder after 2008

How he prepares to fish tournaments

  1. Prepared by practicing what he needed to after a bad tournament
  2. Go to way to fish walleye
  3. Attention to detail setting up trolling set up
  4. Paying attention to current
  5. Adapting to changing weather

What gets you on the water

  1. Skeeter WX2200 Boat is his boat of choice
  2. Powered with a Yamaha 300 Offshore
  3. Not about speed but more about control on the big water
  4. 9.9 Yamaha kicker motor for fishing and trolling
  5. Easy maintenance on motor
  6. Digital throttle 
  7. Setting up the extras
  9. Selecting the right prop
  10. Picking the correct motor for your boat
  11. Problems with under powering your boat
  12. Yamaha Power Pay Program

How do you approach a new body of water

  1. Start with the internet
  2. Call local fishery biologist
  3. Pay attention to the time of year for what they are doing
  4. What type of body of water is it

Catching fish on Gummy Worms!

Best river fishing strategy

Walleye almost always feed up, due to the position of their eyes

How to fish the fish fly hatch

The hunting side of Robert

  1. Doesn't like ice fishing so he hunts when it gets cold
  2. Loves deer hunting and hunting out west
  3. Loves to do long range shooting
  4. 1000 yards plus!
  5. Comparing long range shooting to casting at a fish
  6. Judging wind

Favorite camp meal

Go to snack on the water or in the field

What's on the radio while traveling

Favorite outdoor memory to tell others

How do we get kids more involved in the outdoors

Future Anglers Foundation