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Jun 8, 2020

The guys are discussing the great products from EZ Kut tonight with co-owner Jerry Milos.

  1. How Jerry and EZ Kut fared the Covid crisis
  2. Shows getting canceled
  3. Challenge of getting product shipped
  4. Internet specials and live streams
  5. Talking about the Sling-Pack
  6. Uses for the Ratcheting Pruners
  7. How long did it take from concept to production for the Sling-Pack
  8. Getting the low down on the new Lil' G mini lopper
  9. The cost of the pruning products
  10. Talking about the two pole saws
  11. Saving time with EZ Kut gear
  12. How to win a fully loaded Sling-Pak from EZ Kut
  14. Hunting plans for Jerry this year