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Jun 29, 2020

We are talking with Derek Vaughn of SunRy's Archery, Mid Michigan's newest PSE Dealer about getting your bow ready for the upcoming hunting season.

  1. Danny is dialing in from the Upper Peninsula
  2. SunRy's is the newest PSE Archery Dealer in Mid Michigan
  3. Boot section
  4. Store selection for the high end archers as well
  5. Things that are driving the high end market
  6. Long distance shooting
  7. Total Archery Challenge
  8. Business is busy this time of year due to Covid backup
  9. Time frame for getting your bow tuned for season
  10. Talking strings
  11. Time frame for setting up a new bow
  12. Ready to shoot packages vs picking out your own accessories
  13. Derek's bow wrenching background
  14. The progression from bait store archery shops to pro shops
  15. Customer service
  16. Time for a tick check!
  18. Derek talking shooting archery
  19. Most common mistakes hunters make when checking their bows
  20. SunRy's sponsored 3D shoot and Land O Lakes
  21. Stretching out your shooting distance
  22. Derek's first hunt
  23. The personal side of Derek
  24. Quarantine has improved his grilling skills