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Feb 19, 2021

The guys talk with Joe Okada Yamaha's own Pro Fisherman about his start in fishing and his tournament fishing.

How Joe got his start in fishing

  1. His family influence as a kid
  2. The love of fishing
  3. A little help along the way
  4. Getting into tournament fishing
  5. The tourament circuit

Talking Yamaha motors

  1. Yamaha Power Pay Program
  2. New looks on some of the Yamaha outboards
  3. His new boat build is being postponed due to bad weather
  4. Spring tuneup on the motor
  5. Reliability on long hauls
  6. Fuel mileage
  7. How the hull design can dictate the motor you choose
  8. Factory support

Questions from live show viewers

Head to Head H2H Tournament for 2021

  1. Bracket tournament
  2. 32 boats
  3. Last 8 with most weight go head to head elimination style 
  4. Go in to water blind 

Getting to know Joe with our series of questions