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Mar 19, 2021

The guys chat with Josh Blosser tonight about being on the Yamaha Pro Fisherman team along with some walleye fishing

  1. How he got on the Yamaha team
  2. The family committment
  3. How important it is to have the family behind him
  4. The work that goes into being on the circuit

All Things Yamaha

  1. The motor Josh is running
  2. Why he runs a Yamaha
  3. Yamaha PowerPay
  4. How important it is to have a Yamaha when making a do or die run to win a tournament
  5. What he tells people when they ask why should I buy a Yamaha

Questions from listeners of the live show

The hunting side of Josh

  1. The one arm buck
  2. DYI caribou trip to Alaska
  3. The Twin Bucks
  4. Our four questions for Josh