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Jun 4, 2021

More than likely you've seen the video of Hunter Bland being thrown from his bass boat at 55 MPH, well this week we talk boating safety with him on the podcast.

Link to video of Hunter being thrown from his boat:

  1. He explains what happened
  2. Talks about the realization of surviving the accident
  3. What were the factors that led to him surviving the accident
  4. Why he chose to spread the message about safety
  5. How this has impacted his life
  6. What do others think about his story
  7. How Yamaha Outboards got into the mix
  8. What are some other things people forget to think about when it comes to safety
  9. Why he has chosen to venture into other avenues in the boating and outdoor industry
  10. How to properly choose a PFD and what are some of the things to look for.