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Jul 23, 2021

The guys talk with Andy Cleveland about the Head 2 Head Walleye Series about what makes it so good to watch. They get the inside scoop on what it takes to pull off such an event.

What is Head 2 Head Walleye fishing

  1. How it got started
  2. What is the format
  3. How do they pull off the live event for 5 plus hours of continuous live streaming
  4. How the bracket system works
  5. Where you can catch the series for free

How do they choose the fisherman for the tournament

  1. Picking the 32 anglers
  2. How does the feeder leagues work
  3. How to get involved

What is the craziest thing that has happened to Andy on air?

  1. A story from Millie Lacs event 3
  2. Getting the winning fisherman
  3. What can go wrong will go wrong

How hard the fisherman work during the tournament

  1. How the heat took its toll
  2. How hard the camera crews and marshals work

How does a female angler winning change the tournament

  1. What this means for fishing
  2. Knocking off the giants
  3. Her strategy to win

How this show is changing the industry

  1. Fishing style
  2. Strategy for different situations
  3. Live on the lake fishing school

How the fisherman actually work together even though they're competing against each other

The technology used to keep track of the live update of fish weights

A few questions from one of the fisherman to catch Andy off guard

How are people taking the show from a live perspective