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Aug 19, 2021

Join the guys as they talk with two very young business entrepreneurs who have started their own soft plastic bait company as teenagers.

  1. Who are Zion and Xavier Dunaway?
  2. How they got the idea about making baits
  3. Family support
  4. School support
  5. Winning a national business competition
  6. Prize money
  7. Where do they make the baits
  8. How do they come up with ideas for new baits
  9. Working with your brother
  10. How the school fishing team plays into the buisness
  11. Business plan for 5 years and 10 years
  12. How does college fit into the business
  13. Who is the better fisherman
  14. How do they go about testing the baits
  15. What sets their baits apart from the competition
  16. Who uses their baits
  17. What do corporate businessmen think when they first meet them
  18. What other outdoor activities do they like to do
  19. What is their favorite fish to target