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Sep 24, 2021

Talking bow hunting elk in Idaho tonight with Randy Stoppenhagen of Better the Hunt and C3 Mitts.

September bow hunt in the mountains

  1. September dry spell affecting the hunt
  2. His set up 
  3. What he is seeing
  4. How he calls this time of the year 
  5. How he differs his calling later in the season
  6. How bulls are going silent this time of the year
  7. How they become vocal later in the season
  8. Lead cows are harder to fool than a bull
  9. How fire has affected his hunting
  10. Adapting to weather changes and fire
  11. Getting in shape for the altitude and mountains
  12. Knowing your limits when it comes to shooting an animal deep in the mountains
  13. Limits to packing out animals

Talking about the C3 Mitts

  1. The bow mitt
  2. The rifle mitt
  3. The shotgun mitt
  4. The crossbow mitt
  5. The universal mitt