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Feb 18, 2022

Join us in the Cabin tonight s we talk with Bobby Vargas of PSE Archery about PSE's newest hunting bows. We also talk about arrow flight and fletching along with a few other archery topics.

Bobby talks about his 25 years with PSE

  1. PSE's evolution
  2. What he's seen in 25 years
  3. The evolution of the archers themselves

The new Evolve XF model

  1. Comes in 33" ATA and 30" ATA
  2. Integrated machine mount for QAD rests
  3. Machined mount for quivers
  4. Wider limb pockets
  5. New E2 and S2 cams
  6. New cable bar system
  7. Strings

PSE Levitate

  1. One piece carbon riser
  2. Wider limb pocket
  3. New E2 and S2 cams
  4. Machined mount for back bar
  5. Fixed cable guard

Supply Chain

Talking Crossbows

Talking arrows

  1. Spine consitancy
  2. Wood arrows
  3. Carbon arrow through back of hand
  4. After effects of the injury
  5. How it happened
  6. How to properly check an arrow for damage
  7. 6 fletch arrow
  8. Explaining helical on fletchings
  9. Talking fletchings
  10. Back bar stabilizer
  11. Added front weight
  12. Dynamic Brace Height and Launch Time

Bobby Vargas gives us his farewell from PSE