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Apr 1, 2022

Join us tonight in the Cabin as we talk with Kevin Kinzer of GSL Technology about suppressors. We cover what they do for your firearm and why you might want to get one, along with how to obtain one.

GSL history

  1. Started in 1985
  2. Jackson Michigan
  3. Nasa engineer
  4. 25,000 facility
  5. Have their own test range
  6. They control all of the manufacturing in house
  7. 40 different models in production
  8. 9 patents


  1. Changing between firearms of the same caliber
  2. Mounting a suppressor
  3. Quick change connectors
  4. Hunting with a suppressor
  5. 42 states that suppressors are legal in 
  6. Safety is still always a concern even when using a suppressor
  7. Cleaning a suppressor
  8. They help to brake the muzzle
  9. Make it easier for new shooters to control the firearm
  10. Decibel reduction 
  11. Decibel reduction measurements
  12. Subsonic vs supersonic
  13. Finishes

How to obtain one

  1. Must obtain a Tax stamp from ATF
  2. Pass background check
  3. Waiting period
  4. CPL doesn't speed things up
  5. Individual sale vs putting in a trust
  6. They can be willed upon your death
  7. Can you sell to another individual