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Apr 7, 2022

Join us tonight as we talk with adventure kayaker Traci Martin about her long distance kayaking excursions. We discuss the trips around the Great Lakes as well as the next adventure she is taking on up in Alaska!

How did she get involved in extreme kayaking

  1. Love for the outdoors started it all
  2. 2017 was where it began in Lake Erie
  3. 3592  miles!!!!

The start of the trip

  1. Her mother's sickness encouraged her to live life to it's fullest
  2. One day is now
  3. Plan how to maintain a household for a period of time when money isn't coming in
  4. Asked for input for logistics
  5. Help from Canada as well
  6. How to obtain the proper permits
  7. Nexus Passport
  8. Remote Boarder Crossing Permit

Keeping a journal

  1. Journal all of the days of the trips
  2. Writing a book

Scariest moment of the trip

  1. Huge storm blew in on Georgian Bay
  2. 20 miles out and got caught in the storm in the dark
  3. Mindset to get through it
  4. The spotlight
  5. Little Brown Duck Bobbin on the Water

Sea Kayak vs Surf Ski

Self rescuing

Practicing for the trip

  1. Learning what to take
  2. Paddling on local waters for strength
  3. Self rescuing
  4. Time in the gym

Health incidents on the water

Food supply for the trips

  1. High calorie foods
  2. Gluten free for future trips

The Kayak

  1. Solar panel for electronics
  2. Paddling around big boats and barges

Dealing with the DNR


How do you overcome losing your support crew

  1. Her support left abruptly
  2. Scrambled to find anyone to help
  3. Found a lot of strangers that were willing to help
  4. Made a lot of friends along the way

What is on the horizon for trips

  1. Kayaking with Freya Hoffmeister
  2. Going to start in Wainwright Alaska the top of North America to the Yukon
  3. 800 miles starting on July 1st
  4. Following the journey